Posted by Jamie Matthews on 2020-05-19

The vaseline-smeared imperfection of memory

Before YouTube, artifacts from the past could be recalled with a kind of impressionistic romanticism, with the mind struggling to recall specific sights, sounds, and smells. These days it’s all available, at the click of a button, but we’ve lost something else - the vaseline-smeared imperfection of memory.

In the infinite archives of the Internet, nothing fades, causing the information to teem and swarm with mimetic life - never decaying, always accumulating. These accumulations tax our attentions, making us feel that we are supposed to keep up with it all, keeping track of all the minutiae, all while dealing with the omnipresent demands of daily reality.

Stone Blue Editors. William Basinski [drone & ambient musician]: Musician Snapshots (The Music You Should Hear Series Book 1) . SBE MEDIA. Kindle Edition.

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